Kathy KochEDGE (Educational Destination Games Enterprises) is the brainchild of Kathy Koch, a San Francisco Bay Area native with a Masters Degree in education who has spent more than 40 years teaching high school students. Kathy is a spirited instructor whom her students love, and it’s probably because she makes learning fun—which is really what EDGE Boardgames is all about.
Besides being a dedicated educator, Kathy is a passionate world traveler who has a home at Lake Tahoe, just a few hours from the Bay Area. Kathy is interested in just about everything, and over the years she collected fascinating and little-known factoids about Lake Tahoe and began looking for a way to share them.

Kathy grew up playing boardgames with her family

When Kathy was growing up, her family loved to gather around the kitchen table to play board games, and she began to think about how she could translate her factoids to one of these games. EDGE was born. Kathy wants people to play EDGE and not only share special times with their families and friends,  but to learn about the history and culture of travel destinations around the world. Kathy kicked off EDGE with Lake Tahoe, but she didn’t stop there.

She’s just launched her second EDGE boardgame, California Missions

Kathy has big plans for EDGE. You’re going to love playing EDGE to learn about Lake Tahoe and the California Missions, but you can also look forward to Paris, Las Vegas, New Orleans, London . . . you get the idea.

Gather your friends and family and join us on an EDGE Boardgame journey.