Playing EDGE

Here’s how it works. Choose one of our icons, roll the dice and your EDGE journey begins. Every time you land on a space you receive either positive or negative points. You may land on an Entertainment, Danger, Geography or Education space and receive extra points or lose points. Pick up a corresponding card and be prepared to learn interesting anecdotal information about the game’s subject.

Here are some sample questions from EDGE boardgames.

EDGE Lake Tahoe

  • Who discovered Lake Tahoe and how did it get its name? (Trick question: Lake Tahoe is not its original name.)
  • Lake Tahoe spans borders; in what two states is it located?
  • Part of Frances Ford Coppola’s classic movie, “The Godfather” was filmed at Lake Tahoe. Can you name the location?

EDGE California Missions

  • The largest bell in this striking 46’ bell wall, called Mater Dolorsa, weights 1,200 Mission Bellspounds. It was cast in San Diego in 1894. Which Mission was this?
  • The old Mission chapel is part of the Basilica Parish of Mission Dolores in what important Northern California city today?
  • One of the most notable attractions in this Mission is a large wooden cross in the quadrangle, recreated on the site where fragments of the Cross erected by Fr. Junipero Serra were discovered during the Mission restoration.
  • What was the role of the Catholic priests in the Missions?

The person who crosses the finish line with the most points wins the game

But EDGE isn’t really about winning and losing, it’s about the journey. As every savvy traveler knows, it’s what happens along the way that makes every trip memorable.

Fun for families; learning tools for kids

EDGE is fun for the whole family, but it’s also a learning tool. It’s great for kids—they need to put their reading and math skills to work and learn to use metric measurements. They learn how to compete, win and lose. Best of all, EDGE teaches history, geography and sociology lessons about each of its fascinating destinations.