Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is the beautiful lake located between Northern California and Nevada. It’s a year-round recreation area that draws visitors from around the world for skiing, hiking, camping, cycling and swimming. The views are breathtaking, the water clear, the night skies studded with stars. Lake Tahoe is famous for both its nightlife and wildlife, the home of black bears, bobcats and mountain lions. Residents love the solitude and the way they coexist with nature; it’s not unusual to come home and find a bear nosing around the yard.

Here are a few classic Lake Tahoe landmarks:

EDGE Boardgames Gar Woods Gar Woods Restaurant. Gar Woods is a classic, known for its legendary specialty drinks, named after the classic wooden boats that cruise the Lake in the summer.
Skier skiing downhill in high mountains against sunset Squaw Valley. Squaw Valley, home of the 1960 Winter Olympics, now the Olympic Museum. Squaw also provides hiking, biking, golf and luxurious spa facilities for those who are more interested in being warm and pampered than braving the elements.
EDGE Boardgames Eagle Rock Eagle Rock. Located on the west shore of Lake Tahoe, Eagle Rock rises 6,286 feet above sea level in Tahoe Pines. A 20-minute hike rewards you with a breathtaking view of the Lake. This is a great hike, easy for kids and dogs.
EDGE Boardgames FleurdeLac Fleur de Lac. Fleur de Lac may be best known for its starring role in “The Godfather II”. Movie buffs will remember Fredo’s climbing into a boat and his subsequent shooting death on the Lake. This walled compound is now an exclusive community of private homes.
EDGE Boardgames_Vikingsholm Castle Vikingsholm Castle. One of the best examples of Scandinavian architecture in the US, visitors will see intricate, Viking-themed carvings and paintings, a sod roof planted with wildflowers and massive Nordic fireplaces.
EDGE Boardgames Fanny Bridge Fanny Bridge. Fanny Bridge is named for the spectacle of thousands of fannies bent over the railing watching fish leap from the Truckee River—each hoping to catch a morsel of food.
EDGE Boardgames watson cabin Watson Cabin. Built in 1908, Watson Cabin was ahead of its time for one important reason—its indoor plumbing. Filled with authentic furnishings and period decorations, Watson Cabin is now a museum.
EDGE Boardgames Cottage Inn The Cottage Inn. The Cottage Inn’s original residence was built in 1938, and its charming guest cabins are only a few steps from one of the finest beaches on the Lake.